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Thankful Hearts Food Pantry needs help with donations

The Thankful Hearts Food Pantry in Pikeville is asking for donations so they can provide assistance to Eastern Kentucky. Thankful Hearts Coordinator Trissia Scott states that they are in desperate need of a deep freezer because they provide frozen meats to those in need. She says that she has been paying out of her own pocket to rent one and that any monetary donations will allow them to continue assisting our community because she knows how it feels to be without food or not able to provide.

For more information or to make a donation, stop by their location on 648 Adams Rd, Pikeville, KY 41501 or visit their Facebook page.






Pike County Sheriff’s Office unveils new vehicles

On Tuesday, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office unveiled two new 2020 Ford Explorers, the newest additions to the vehicle fleet.  Pike County Judge Executive Ray Jones and the three Pike County commissioners were on hand to see the new cruisers, purchased with $187,000 dollars in surplus funds.  A third Ford Explorer will be delivered on Friday, and will be on the road next week.


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